Snood 4.1

Classic arcade game in which you match Snoods by color to set them free

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    Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 98 SE / Windows 8

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    7.0 (79)

Snood is one of the most addictive free color matching games online today. Though you can easily find online games and social networking games that involve matching colors and symbols, Snood is one of the oldest games of its type. Originally introduced in the 1990s, the game made a name for itself on college campuses across the country before finding its way into offices and homes. People of all ages now spend hours trying to move up to a higher level, beat the game and record the highest scores.

This game starts with just a few rows of symbols placed at the top of the screen. Using your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard, you control a shooter located at the bottom of the screen. Inside the shooter is a symbol of a small character. You aim the shooter and hit enter to send the character through the air. When you match three or more of the same character, you clear those symbols from the board. The point of the game is to clear all of the symbols. As the rows start dropping and you face more rows, it is harder to accomplish that goal.

Snood is one of those games that you download and expect to play a few times and forget. Many players find that the game is so addictive that they can waste a few hours at a time trying to move through the upper levels. The game does a good job of setting up the levels in the early stages. Those stages teach you how to match characters, shoot the snoods and make matches that help you clear the board. You quickly learn that there is more to meet the eye though. As the rows start dropping and you have less space available, you need to make quick decisions.

If you share your computer with others, you will love the way Snood keeps track of high scores. Each time that you score enough points to make it onto the list, the game will ask you for your name or initials and immediately update the home page with that new score. As an added bonus, the game lets you play different mini games and play the original game on different difficulty levels. The game places all of the high scores on the home page of each individual game or level.

The reason so many people love Snood is because it is a simple game that packs a big punch. You can easily find yourself playing for longer than you intended and working hard to get through the game. The biggest flaw with Snood is its annoyingly chipper and upbeat music, but you can turn off the sound and take care of that problem.


  • Fun for all ages.
  • Addictive nature of the game leaves you wanting to keep going.
  • Lists the highest scores of all players on the front page.


  • The music can be a little annoying.
  • The higher levels require more time and dedication.
  • The aim on the shooter is sometimes a little off.

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